Company Profile

Why Jalatama?

Jalatama is a prominent trading company that was built on a mission to provide trading solution for every client. Established in 2006, we began our services with Margin FX,and CFDs trading and we have continuously expand our service and portfolio. At Jalatama, we believe that reliability, trust, and transparency are the founding values of our entity, and we have built our programs and operation by reflecting on these values.

At Jalatama, we provide clients with the ease of 24 hours access to the global financial markets. The MetaTrader 4 Platform allows our clients to trade a wide range of financial instruments, including Forex, Gold and Silver, to popular derivative trading such as CFDs on any day and any hour.

As a global entity, Jalatama is committed in providing a global trading service. Over the years, our expansion has allowed us to build global portfolio and international presence that have helped us earn a long-term trust from our clients. Jalatama’s regulated service provides clients with reliable service and intelligence analysis.

Our team consists of over 350 people that are dedicated in promoting the ease of financial trading and passionate in assisting you build your trade portfolio. Jalatama is based in Jakarta with local offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, Laos, Hong Kong and Pakistan.

Regulatory Authorization

Jalatama is a certified member of Futures Exchange and we are regulated by Indonesia’s regulatory agency such as

Membership reference: SPAB/160/JPX/01/2013

Full Membership of the Jakarta Futures Exchange


For additional information, please visit the JFX website

Membership reference: 79/AK-KB/II/2013

Member of the Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House


For additional information, please visit the PTKEI website

License reference: 12/BAPPEBTI/SI/02/2013

Registered Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency


For additional information, please visit the

BAPPEBTI website |

Our Vision

We believe on the possibility to optimize financial opportunity for every client. Jalatama hopes to become a pioneer in providing a transparent and accessible.

At Jalatama, we aim to:

  • Provide a reliable access to a greater and transparent financial market through forefront trading infrastructure.
  • Commit to continous improvement of our client-focused service that emphasizes on transparency and efficiancy as part of our professional standard.
  • Accommodate customer’s concerns in a fair and prompt manner in line with rules and regulations.
  • Provide a professional and standardized services for every client.